5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Natural Stone Looking Brand New


Natural stone floors and countertops are beautiful and luxurious, but they require regular maintenance to keep them looking good as new. At Anyfix Stone Care Solutions, we understand the importance of proper stone care and have developed a system to help you keep your natural stone looking brand new.

Step 1: Clean Regularly

The first step in caring for your natural stone is to clean it regularly. Use a PH-neutral cleaner specifically designed for natural stone to avoid damaging the surface. Avoid using abrasive sponges or harsh chemicals that can scratch or etch the surface.

It’s also important to wipe up spills immediately to prevent staining. Use a soft, dry towel to gently blot the area until all liquid has been absorbed.

Step 2: Sealing

Sealing your natural stone is an important step in preventing stains and damage. Sealing creates a barrier that prevents liquids and other substances from penetrating the surface of your stone. At Anyfix Stone Care Solutions, we recommend sealing your natural stone at least once a year.

Step 3: Polishing

Polishing your natural stone can help restore its shine and luster. However, it’s important to use the correct polishing compound for your stone type. At Anyfix Stone Care Solutions, we can help you determine the best polishing compound for your natural stone.

Step 4: Repairing

If your natural stone becomes damaged or cracked, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Anyfix Stone Care Solutions offers natural stone repair services to restore your stone to its original condition.

Step 5: Professional Restoration

If your natural stone has become dull, scratched, or stained, it may be time for professional restoration. Anyfix Stone Care Solutions can restore your natural stone to its original condition, leaving you with a beautiful and luxurious surface that looks brand new.


With regular maintenance and the help of Anyfix Stone Care Solutions, you can keep your natural stone looking brand new. Whether you need cleaning, sealing, polishing, repairing, or professional restoration, we can help.

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